Performance Requirements

Minimum performance requirements:

  • Stage: 35’ wide X 25’ deep
  • 30 minutes minimum to load in and set up
  • Storage area for coats, cases, bags, etc 25' x 25' minimum
  • If the event chooses to provide a raised stage, the event must provide ADA accessibility to the stage.
  • As many as 38 armless folding chairs will be required. The band members can provide their own chairs, but the determination must be made at the time of the booking. Not reflected in the drawing above are three chairs off stage for vocalists and CD sales.
  • The event must follow all codes as dictated by local, city, and state.
  • The event must ensure all appropriate safety railings and markings are installed to ensure the safety of the band members and guests
  • Breaks: The band asks for 15-minute breaks between sets when a performance is in the 2-3 hour range, and 20-30 minute breaks between sets when a performance is over 3 hours. The timing of these breaks is negotiable with the event.
  • Sound Systems: The band can provide its own sound system at no additional charge. Additional load in and load out time will be required of about 15 minutes each. The determination of who is providing the sound system must be made at the time of booking.

The event will be required to provide one 120 volt, 20 amp, properly grounded, isolated electrical circuit with a standard Edison jack within 15' of the performance area. The circuit must not be shared with devices that are normally associated with the introduction of electrical line noise or interference. These devices include but are not limited to electric motors, compressors, hot plates, dimmers, and other devices which cycle on and off.

If the event provides an electrical generator to satisfy the electrical requirement, the event must position the generator in a manner and at a distance so that it will not interfere with the performance and provide sufficient cabling to the performance area.

If the Event chooses to provide the sound system, the event must ensure there is an operator available for sound checks 30 minutes prior to the start of our performance. The event will need to ensure the sound system is staffed for the duration of our performance.

We will require a minimum of 3 microphones. Four microphones would be best.

We will require 1-2 stage sound monitors.

Outdoor performance: The performance area must be on an asphalt or concrete pad with a 35’ wall across the back at about 15’ tall.

The event will provide complimentary access to the event on the day of the performance for band members and one guest, significant other, or spouse.

The event will provide complimentary parking for as many as 38 vehicles. Handicapped Parking spaces will be needed.

The event will provide ADA accessibility to event grounds, buildings, facilities, and performance area.

The event is responsible to obtain all appropriate permits and inspections.

Fees: There is no charge for cancelations 24 hours in advance of the performance.

There will be a 50% cancelation fee charged if the event is canceled less than 2 hours prior to the start of the event no matter the reason for the cancelation.

The performance area must provide cover as the band cannot perform outdoor concerts in precipitation of any kind or excessive wind or hot sun/extreme temperatures that may and will result in damage to the music, costumes, and/or instruments. If precipitation or excessive winds start mid-performance the band must already be in or be able to move to an area adequately protected from the elements in order to continue the performance.

The fee is due prior to the start of the performance including food and beverage tickets.

There will be no refunds offered if the event is canceled for any reason after the fees have been collected.

The event will permit the band to sell CDs and keep all proceeds. The band will collect and pay any applicable sales tax.